Why I Became An App & Web Developer


In 1999 I took a weekend trip to Las Vegas to have some fun and play golf. Back then, the only way to find a golf course was from the hotel concierge, phone book or the best case was a booklet of all the courses in an area.

Vegas has no shortage of golf courses and from all the sources I had I realize every course was essentially charging the same price to play. So I randomly chose Desert Pines and it was horrible decision. It was target golf and I barely got hit my driver all day.

I thought there had to be a better way so I conceived the idea for Course Cam. If there was a way to take a video tours of golf courses in an area before traveling golfers could pick courses that suit their game. Just like those fancy fly-over videos you see when watching golf on television.

Since I had just bought a new Dell computer and lived paycheck-to-paycheck I figured that I would figure out how to build the website, make videos and put them onto the Internet. Keep in mind it was 1999 and at that point no one was putting videos on the Internet.

Back then there was anyone to call for help. Finding someone that had built a website was impossible. But I had a desire to make my idea a reality so I was at Borders (remember bookstores) everyday reading through every book because I had no idea where or how to start. I forgot to mention that I majored in Political Science in college so I was starting at zero.

Learning to program is not easy if you have an instructor let alone teaching yourself. Luckily for me I had three things going for me. First, I have incredible discipline to follow through on goals I set. Second since I was a kid I was always building things like remote controlled cars and skateboard ramps. And finally I knew what I was building. This meant I did not have to do mundane tutorials. If what I was reading didn’t apply I quickly moved on.

I bought a used video camera and went out and started filming course. Then I had to learn to edit the videos and add music. Options were limited but I somehow found a way to make and edit the videos. That was actually easy compared to how in the hell I was going to get them onto the web. Actually, I had to first figure out just how to get them onto my computer. I had to buy a firewire and a PCI card… long story short it wasn’t easy.

Eventually I had a website with 4 different course videos. On one side of the screen was the video and on the other I had a drawing of the hole. I had marker in the video that would change out each hole slide. I love telling that story because I was one of the first people to put video on the Internet.

I had and idea, a burning desire and that is WHY I became a software engineer. Course Cam was not a success financially but it made me realize that I absolutely love to ideas into reality. Engineering is extremely hard work… but helping companies turn their ideas into products is very rewarding work.

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Jeremy Callahan is the , Expert Mobile App Developer, App Marketer, Front End Engineer, Motivator who gets shit done and Inspires others!

13 Best Practices For In-App Marketing

Here are 13 proven methods for in-app marketing that will help to retain, engage and encourage re-use of your App.

  1. Combine App data with website data

If you are capturing an email in your App and website you need to a strategy to combine the customer data and gain insights. This will develop richer segmentation and targeting of future campaigns.

  1. Use location as an opportunity for marketing.

Trigger personalized, real-time messages based on a customer’s location. If you have a physical store location you need to take advantage of bacons and geo fencing.

  1. Analyze customer behavior

Heavily track all customer interactions to learn about their customer experience, including preferences, past history, interactions and location. This will allow you to drive more contextual content through all digital channels.

  1. Create a plan to onboard new users and keep existing users engaged

Develop a cadence to communicate with your user over regular intervals you can guide new customers to engage and re-engagement with your App.

  1. Create integrated cross-channel journeys and experiences

While planning your App engagement you need to determine how you can track users across channels. How will you track if App users are visiting your website? If a user follows an email link will that link go to your website or App. You need to develop specific engagement points that you can track across devices.

  1. Mobile Apps/Push Notifications

Ask your users to interact and go deeper into your App. At a minimum you should incorporate asking for reviews and having users follow you on social media. A better practice is to track products users are clicking on and then notifying the customer if that items is on sale. Or better yet, just offer them a discount on a specific product they liked.

  1. Consider App Only Coupons

Offer exclusive coupons for App users only. This is a great tactic for enticing your web customers to install and use your App. App only coupons can also be an effective strategy to re-engage App users.

  1. Offer a preference form to increase content relevancy

Allow users to select what they want to receive and when, what they like and dislike. For instance I might only want to get emails when discounts are above 15%.

  1. Enable an in-app notification inbox

Having a message center is enables you to send messages that can be delivered even if a user hasn’t opted into push.

  1. Implement a strategy for inactive user

Define and identify inactive app users, and develop a plan to re-engage them. This is the same concept as email funnels. If you are in an email funnel and do not open and email they send you a different follow-up email and a person who opened that same email.

  1. Measure your results

You need to plan and track how mobile push notifications impact your marketing results.

  1. Consider the total mobile experience

Optimize SMS campaigns to link to specific pages within your App rather than routing all traffic to the home screen. If you are running email campaigns you should always forward users to specific landing page that has a clear call to action and trip wire.

  1. Offer an incentive to opt-in to SMS

A small discount or even just providing exclusive content can really make the difference in regards to higher opt-in rates.

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Jeremy Callahan is the , Expert Mobile App Developer, App Marketer, Front End Engineer, Motivator who gets shit done and Inspires others!

App Marketers Are Clueless of What Consumers Want From Apps

Jeremy Callahan - Marketer vs. Consumer Needs

While reading the “Fit for Commerce 2016” report one thing really stood out… Marketers, Product Managers, etc. have no clue of what consumers want from a shopping App. If you have read any of my previous posts then you know how strongly I feel about retailers just re-creating their desktop sites and calling them Apps. New Flash! You aren’t even close to delivering what you customers expect.

I’d like you to ask yourself right now “What are your top 3 strategic mobile priorities”?

In the report here were the top answers:

  1. Enable consumers to access content from any device – 82%
  2. Brand awareness/loyalty – 74%
  3. Bridge the gap between online and offline – 62%
  4. Drive traffic to stores – 30%
  5. Encourage consumers to use mobile devices in-store – 18%
  6. Tools for in-store associates – 18%

For your sake I hope your answers are different than all the people who took this survey because they are absolutely clueless about what consumers actually want from a mobile App.

Here is what consumers answered as their top priorities:

  1. Place mobile orders for out-of-stock items while in the store
  2. Lookup information
  3. Compare price
  4. Check reviews
  5. Get advice from friends

The divide is glaring right? Specifically only 18% of marketers have a priority on encouraging customers to shop in-store. What are they worried about? That I will find a better price? This is obviously the case but it is so near sided given that the majority of the shoppers in the store right now want to order items that are out of stock.

The other item with an 18% mark is an App for store associates. Imagine I’m in the store and an item is out of stock or I cannot find the color or size I want. A common problem for any shopper! If I do not have a smart phone the associate (with a hand held device) could immediately look up if that item is available and have it shipped to my home.

So my advice to you is to completely forget about the first four items on this list and to focus on what your customer’s value.   I believe one of the problems with Mobile Commerce is that companies are focused on advertising click thru and conversion rates. The better approach is to view your App as an advertisement.

What I mean by saying this is that your App should add value to your customers. Every retail App out there has a path to purchase but very few actually offer users a unique experience that does something other than mimic your website.

If you are in this boat I want you to pick up your phone right now and text or call me. In addition to strong opinions on m-commerce I have hundreds of ideas that can take your App to a whole new level and help you lead the field!

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Jeremy Callahan is the , Expert Mobile App Developer, App Marketer, Front End Engineer, Motivator who gets shit done and Inspires others!


10 Takeaways from 10X Growth Conference!

Jeremy Callahan 10X Growth Conference

It has been 10 days since I attended the 10X Growth Conference in Miami. It was an excellent event that was more than I expected it to be. Here are 10 things, thoughts and ideas I took from the event.

  1. The lineup of speakers was world class. Before the conference my friend said that it was the best lineup he’d ever seen. I hadn’t heard of most of the speakers before attending but he was 100% right. Every speaker was great! They all brought relevant information that instantly brought value to my business.
  1. The networking was not what I expected. I did meet some great people but not as many as I had hoped. At one point on Saturday I was a bit mad at myself for not getting a VIP ticket so I could be in the front and have better access to the speakers. But do not get me wrong… The people that were there (everyone) were hungry for success and results.
  1. When Les Brown said, “I represent the thoughts you have rejected”. This one really hit home because what he meant is that anyone attending could be on that stage and the only reason they are not is because of rejected thoughts of greatness. This is probably the point I got mad at myself for not being a VIP.
  1. Jack Jackintelle talk on culture being the foundation of your business and “eliminate the gray area”. To me this talk reminded me of how I used to coach my daughters soccer teams. I had every player and parent onboard with what I was doing and what our goals were for the season. Jack laid out how he takes the same approach in running car dealerships. I believe that this talk was the best information at the conference on how to actually operate an organization.
  1. If there is one statement I have repeated 20 times since the conference it is when Tom Cummings said “I trying to build a better race car and I’m looking for drivers to win races for me”. For me that statement is exactly what I am personally trying to do. For the past 4 years I’ve been a solopreneur (single man entrepreneur). This past year I have been focused on hiring others and “building a better race car” summed up what I am doing now perfectly.
  1. If you are in business-to-business sales do yourself a favor and watch Victor Antonio’s videos on YouTube. This guy is a pro! The whole time I was watching and taking notes I was thinking that the presentation I’m doing this week is all-wrong. I threw out a finished presentation and completely re-worked it after hearing his talk.
  1. Drowned out the haters! Look if you graduated from Harvard and then quit a plush corporate position to sell makeup for Mary Kay you are going to hear the backlash from your family. But that didn’t stop Gloria Banks and it shouldn’t stop you either. Corporate positions may feel safe but they are not. Either you are working on your dream or you are working on someone else’s dream.
  1. Jay Abraham’s default approach to business expansion is: “Who currently has access to the market and is not threatened by us?” He had a wealth of other advice but he said that at least 3 times. What is the point in trying to recreate the wheel? Simply find someone with access and then partner with them to 10X your business.
  1. If you want to get noticed you have to be willing to get on camera and show people what you do and how you are different. Or as Hank Norman said, “If they don’t know you they can’t flow you.” I personally have been putting out blogs, email and social media content the past year. And I’ve been saying, “I need to do videos” but as Hank pointed out… I’m afraid. But not anymore! Prepare for an onslaught of videos from me moving forward.
  1. The last takeaway is that I got everything and more than I expected from the event. The past year I’ve been assessing my business and have not been happy with the results. I came to 10X Growth Conference to get new ideas, more creativity and ways to take help my clients, friends and family achieve more success.

Grant Cardone has already announced 10X Growth Conference 2018. I highly recommend you get a VIP ticket and attend.

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Jeremy Callahan is the , Expert Mobile App Developer, App Marketer, Front End Engineer, Motivator who gets shit done and Inspires others!

How Fake News is Making You a Failure!

Fake News

First, let me break down my definition of Fake News. Then I’m going to point out all the reasons it’s making you a failure.

News is no longer news, its opinion based on how groups of people think. Face it, CNN, FOX, MSNBC are all pushing an agenda. And you either agree with that agenda or you do not. Before I even read an article or turn on the television I can tell you based on the source what their spin will be. The New York Times has an agenda and based on that agenda they create headlines and find reporting that backs that agenda.

My favorite fake news stories are when they quote an “unnamed source” or take a 20-minute interview and cherry pick sentences to back that agenda. Reporting pure facts without opinion accounts for about 3% of what people nowadays consider “News”.

And honestly, you are being taken advantage of. Look at your Facebook feed. How many of the “News” stories are merely click bait? Headlines are created to stir up emotion inside you so that you re-post things that in all honesty make you look like you believe in conspiracy theories.

Here are some reasons why the news can make you a failure.

It cuts into your production

I had a conversation with my developer the other day at the water cooler. BTW, this guy is behind on his development tasks. He starts talking about a few stories he read that day. The entire time he’s into his rap, I’m thinking… I’m paying this guy good money to program and he’s dicking around reading fake news instead of making his deliverables! I confronted him with this fact and he retorted with “I read it on the bus”. I told him the reason he’s behind is because he’s wasting time instead of programming.

It distracts you from goals (if you have any)

The main point here is “If you have any”. Do you have goals? Are they big goals that you are so excited about that you don’t have time for anything else? If you are reading the news, Facebook or watching TV you are not serious about achievement. Sorry, but its really that simple.

Note, if you post business related stuff on Facebook to promote yourself that’s a legitimate reason. But don’t get caught in the vortex of BS and Fake News.

Its as bad of a habit as smoking or overeating

You don’t need me to tell you that you are wasting time everyday on something that doesn’t serve you. Not to mention adding unneeded stress to your life. I know for a fact that if you have been watching the news the past year your heart rate gets elevated and its likely affecting your sleeping and personal relationships.

Choosing a side is bad for business

If you or the company you work for endorses a right or left candidate then you are cutting your potential customer base in half. I read a great letter from the CEO of IBM about a recent meeting she had with the president. Her stance is that they have been working with the government since the company was founded to make the world a better place. They have never endorsed a candidate and never will. In short, working with people leads to success in business and choosing a side is suicide.

You are waiting for things to happen instead of making things happen

If you are reading the news you are a follower. You are waiting for the next big scandal to hit. Have you ever noticed the panels they have on news shows? The experts are pontificating on what they think is happening based on incomplete facts.

If you want to be an expert in your career then I’d suggest that you start making the news instead of reading it. If you are in marketing for instance, start creating content that other marketing people would benefit from. Leadership requires that you pass along and teach others thoughtful and relevant information.

To sum it all up, the news is holding you back from having better relationships, increased business success and being a positive healthy person. Read a book, get a new hobby, work harder at your job, and spend time with your kids! Everyone says “The News is so negative”… So why are you participating?

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Jeremy Callahan is the , Expert Mobile App Developer, App Marketer, Front End Engineer, Motivator who gets shit done and Inspires others!

7 Reasons I’m Attending 10x Growth Conference

10x Growth Conference Jeremy Callahan

The 10x Growth Conference is March 17 – 19 in Hollywood Florida. If you are an entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level this is a must attend event.

As my readers know I am always striving to motivate others. The most important aspect of motivating is staying motivated personally. To stay motivated I employ a number of activities like reading, writing blogs, masterminding and of course, attending conferences. And that is why I’m pumped to be attending the 10x Growth Conference in March.

Attending conferences is a huge time and financial commitment. Most people decide to go but never take the important step of defining what their goals are by attending.

My goal in writing this blog is to let you know exactly why I am attending because I want to meet as many people as possible before I get to Miami. So please reach out to me by phone, text, email, smoke signals and let’s get the conversation going before the event.

Here are the reasons I’m attending and what I will accomplish by going.

1. To Meet Grant Cardone
2. Increase My Performance
3. Meet With Success – Speakers
4. Like-Minded Networking
5. Level Up
6. Enhance My Creativity
7. Growth Hacking

1. Meeting Grant Cardone

The creator of the 10x Growth Conference is Grant Cardone. Simply put, Grant has no time for excuses and anything less than maximum effort. If you are not where you want to be in life it your fault and you need to step up and quit making excuses and being negative. He is also a master motivator and works tirelessly towards his goals.

2. Increasing My Performance

I have three businesses running successfully. But lately I’ve been feeling that I’m not operating at the same level I was 13 months ago. Being successful requires you to fairly and accurately assess yourself. And I know that I’m not meeting my personal standard. Every time in the past I have attended a personal development conference I have came out with increased energy, focus and inspiration that has carried me for months after the event.

3. Meeting With Success

The speaker line up at this event is incredible: Damon John, Les Brown and Frank Kern to name a few. My favorite part about hearing their journeys is when they tell about all the hard times they have faced and how they broke through in the face of complete failure.

4. Like-Minded Networking

Let’s face it… Networking sucks! But it sucks a lot less when you are networking with like-minded people. I know for an absolute fact that the people attending this conference are hungry, have goals and they will stop at nothing to make them come true. I had a choice between two events to attend and I chose this event specifically because of the attendees.

5. Leveling Up

Because everyone attending this event is a goal driven success-seeking person I know that by merely being there I will “Level Up” in connections, ideas, creativity and friendships. In traditional business networking events it’s a crapshoot on whom in the room is the person you should be talking to. This event in itself will remove that barrier.

6. Enhancing My Creativity

I have plenty of ideas and everything I do is creative in nature (software development). However, attending events with like-minded people somehow seems to bring that creativity to a higher level. The conference is called 10x Growth Conference for a reason! Because everyone is there to 10x their goals, income, life… it’s a by-product that the creative energy in the room will off the charts. So I am super pumped to come

7. Growth Hacking

How do you get everyone at a conference to know who you are? I mean I’m only an attendee on a standard ticket. So how do I get every one to know that I am the recognized leader in mobile App development? Simple… GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!

In short I am creating a 10x Conference App. In addition to that I will create a post event video, blog and infographic that curates all the attendees content from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I am still working through the details and will be blogging in the following weeks prior to the conference to exactly what you can expect.

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Jeremy Callahan is the , Expert Mobile App Developer, App Marketer, Front End Engineer, Motivator who gets shit done and Inspires others!

How to Start and Validate A Business (30 Day Business Challenge)

January 8th, 2017

Last year a guy on my team asked me how do you start a business? It was a fairly broad question and my first response was… You just start! But it is an interesting question and to answer it for you I am going to start a business today and see if it will gain any traction in the next 30 days.

Here is what I am committing to… 30 days, $500 investment and I will only be working on it about 1-2 hours per day. The goal is to get 5 customers and see if the advertising to sales ratio is a winner.

The Business Idea

In November I updated a friends painting website. He is a contractor so I added a booking utility that allows his site visitors to book estimates online. Since we added it, he has had 11 people book estimates via the site.

Its simple, the pick a day/time and then it adds the appointment to his calendar and emails both parties, reminders, etc. It’s a sweet little tool from a third party that is quick and easy to setup.

So my 30 Business is simple. I will add this same tool to websites for $99. Actually the price point is not set but I’m going to begin at $99 and assess the results.

Since I am a developer I created a landing page for the product with all the details of how it works. I added a 3 minute Youtube video as well. To setup the landing page with the video I put in about 4 hours of work. Click the image below to see the landing page I built.

How to start an online business in 30 days

A special thanks to Ryan Robinson @ https://www.ryrob.com/validate-business-idea/ Two days after I started this Ryan randomly followed me on Twitter. I clicked on his page and saw he was blogging about the same thing I was doing. So that inspired me to post about my progress on my 30-Day challenge.

I’ve started a lot of businesses and there is no set formula. I do know that I will make mistakes and learn things along the way.  My initial plan is to run Facebook ads to anyone who listed their occupation as a painter or home decorator. I am running $20 per day.  I’ll update this post in a few days with my progress

I’m happy you are reading this and I hope it inspires you to take action towards your ideas. Please share, follow, comment and reach out to me if you need any help or inspiration!


January 13th 2017

As I mentioned above I would make mistakes and it happened two days in.

To start I decided to run Facebook Ads. I created an initial test group for anyone with in the USA with a job title of either Painters (house) or Decorators. Since this was the initial test I decide to run the ads for 5 days at $20 per day and see what the results were.

It took about 2 hours to setup the Ad’s but that was over the entire day because Facebook kept rejecting my Ad. They were rejecting it because the URL I entered was missing the .com portion of the URL. I finally discovered the error and after a quick change my ad’s were running.

And that is where the mistake happened… Apparently the .com didn’t save and my ad’s ran for a day and a half with a bad URL. When I checked Google Analytics mid-day I had zero clicks. So I had to contact their support and get a credit for that.   But I was out a 1.5 days of seeing the results.

Here is the data on the ads

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 1.33.42 AM

The bad news is that out of the 307 clicks I got ZERO sales. I started the price at $99 and then moved it down to $29.99 after 150 clicks.

More of the Same Produces More of the Same!

Since the FB ads produced no sales I turned them of and decided to take a new approach. And that approach is email. The truth is that same day I started the ads I found a site that sells emails of painters. So on a whim I bought a list of 5000 for $79.99.

And when I say whim I literally mean a whim… I started thinking after the fact about the quality of the list and that I may have dove in too fast on that one. One of my better qualities is that I make decisions fast and stick to them.

I am going to begin sending emails over the next 4 to 5 days in groups of 200. I will vary the subjects, content, links, etc. to see what get higher opens and clicks. While that is running I am also creating six emails that will send as an auto responder. I will start running the auto responder campaign next week.

To recap: $187.70 spent of $500, Zero sales

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Jeremy Callahan is the , Expert Mobile App Developer, App Marketer, Front End Engineer, Motivator who gets shit done and Inspires others!


Thinking From The End

One of the flaws with goal setting and achieving is that our minds are programed to think in a liner fashion from a starting point to achievement.

Because of this programming, we are handicapped in reaching our goals.

Think about it… You have to finish high school before you can get into college. You have to have a job before you can buy a house. Everything in the visible world tells you that you have to accomplish A, then B in order to get to C.

Therefore, in your mind if you are at point A all your focus is on getting to point B. And that is the primary reason people never follow through and reach their true potential.

For instance, lets say your goal is to get a new job. In order to do this you have to update your resume, look online, submit emails, interview, submit references and then be chosen. This process will take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks before you start working.

And if you follow the process in that fashion you will fail to get the job you want or stay stuck where you currently are.

Why? Because you are thinking is completely ass backwards! You are thinking of the end instead of thinking FROM the end. Although that wording is similar… they are 100% different approaches that will determine how successful you are in life.

Thinking from the end means that before you even start towards a goal you relax and imagine what you want to be. Imagine what your life would be like if you had the business of your dreams. Imagine how some people would respect you and congratulate you on your success. Imagine how your bank account would grow.

I’ll give you an example from my life. I am leading a team building an App and website for one of the biggest companies in the world. The project will take 18 months to complete, its huge. There are over 60 people working on it. My mental approach is “we always accomplish our goals and launch on time every time”.

Look if I got bogged down in all the bullshit that is happening this week I’d be stressed that we are not going to make the launch date in 18 months. There are people in your office and mine that think if they don’t constantly grind on minor items that the major goals will be missed.

These folks are “Thinking of the end”. They are so focused on A to B to C that all they see is bumps, roadblocks, tunnels and risks. And they will tell you about all the problems that are happening and how “we will never make the launch date”.

I’ve been on teams where people have yelled and screamed during the project. But once we hit the goal we were all best friends that where brought closer because we were successful. Situations like that make you stop and think… If we are going to hit the date in the end, then why the hell are we yelling in the first place? And the answer is because we were not thinking from the end.

So I challenge you right now to think of one area of your life you want to improve. Your relationship with a loved one, your weight, your job… I know there is something you want to be better right now. Now that you have that in mind the next step is to IMAGINE the perfect end.

How would you feel if the end you imagine were a reality? Seriously… How would you feel? Now that you know how you would feel I give you the final piece of the puzzle:

Act as if you already are that person!

If you think I’m telling you to live a lie then you are correct. The only way you can become something different is to convince yourself that you are different already.

Think of the CEO of your company. Do you think they thought “I’ll start in the mailroom and work my way up to manager and then vice president and finally become the CEO”? Hell no, if they did start in the mailroom they knew and acted like the CEO from the first day. And people around them took notice that they were different and going somewhere.

Your CEO was always the CEO in his mind and that’s the difference. They thought from the end and then became that person. The material world had to succumb to their desire. It’s that simple.

I want you to put it to the test right now. Even if you are motivated to prove me wrong I want you to try it. And comment if you agree and especially comment if you think I’m crazy.

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Jeremy Callahan is a Mobile Commerce Expert, App Developer and Founder at Flip Shop Marketing


How to Build Hybrid Apps with Phonegap Build, GIT and Front End Technologies

In this video I break down how to use Front End code and PhoneGap Build to create hybrid mobile Apps.  If you are a front end developer you can easily start creating Apps with this method without having to learn Swift, Objective C or Java.

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Jeremy Callahan The App Man


Twitter: @jeremycallahan

Jeremy Callahan is a Mobile Commerce Expert, App Developer and Founder at Flip Shop Marketing

Turning Off the Outside Noise

Jeremy Callahan - Time to move on

Browsing social media I see many people distraught over something they have no control over. On any given day you can see people on social media that are letting things outside of themselves control their feeling and behavior. Traffic, air delays, politics… Why?

The outside world is a lie!

Everything you see or hear is trying to influence your feelings and emotions… Everything! Have you ever seen that two-minute commercial with the abused pets? Do you compare yourself to others based on the ‘things’ they own? CNN, Fox New and CNBC all have an agenda to push your buttons. This may sound harsh but you are letting others control your thoughts!

I am not saying you do not have original thoughts. I am saying that you are letting things outside or yourself control your well being.   Your good thoughts and imagination is being drowned out by corrupt ideas. Have you ever found yourself having an imaginative argument with someone you heard on TV? Thought of a great response to an argument you had last week? Why are you holding onto those thoughts?

Everyone’s mind and imagination is perfect.

The problem is that if we are not mindful of our thoughts, our laziness will kick in and get us watching trash TV or reading mindless posts on social media. Thus, our good thoughts are buried in clutter. And when this happens we develop bad habits.

Personally, I had to stop watching the news and going onto Facebook for the week before the election. I did this because for about two weeks before the election I found my production in all areas of my life going down. I am a very goal oriented success seeking person. And I noticed that my performance was down. So I made a decision to not to participate in consuming news.

What I noticed the first day was that I was now filling my day with productive tasks. Rather than wasting my time trolling the Internet I was getting shit done. After two days it was smooth sailing and I didn’t even miss all the outside noise.

What stands out now, is that things outside of myself were affecting me negatively. I knew it was happening but for a few weeks I was lying to myself thinking it was not affecting me.

And that is what is happening to you right now. The negative thoughts have taken over and are impacting your performance right now… It’s affecting how you deal with co-workers, friends, your spouse and kids. I’ve seen some posts that make me wonder… Do these folks really want to be in this much misery?

I am not just here to point out what is happening to you… I want to help you get out of the rut and move on.

Here are some steps to help you introspect on your feelings:

First, when you are about to vent a thought stop and ask your self: “How does this thought server me?” And the answer MUST be either positive or negative! Keep the good and toss the bad. You must be ruthless in this process; there is no room for gray area. Thoughts are seeds that grow in your mind. Weed out the bad, take no prisoners, go with your gut, and never negotiate.

Second, Respond and do not react. If you are in line at the store and someone starts yelling at you do you react or respond. Instead of reacting by yelling back, a wiser choice is to respond. Perhaps you could walk away, let them in front of you or waive down security.  Your enteral response is that I will not outside elements effect me

Finally, realize that you may be emotionally invested in the wrong thing. Emotional investment on its own is a great thing. But we have all wrapped ourselves emotionally into things harmful to our well being. If you are angry about a situation its very likely that you are mad at yourself for getting involved in a harmful endeavor.

Thanks for reading and I was able to help you step back, assess and move on from what ever outside influence is impacting you.

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