07: Interview with Steve Young

Today I’m bringing you Steve Young.  The creator of App Masters, and a strategically innovative entrepreneur. From Podcasts to Youtube videos, and Online Course, he collaborates with experts in the App industry. His success spans far and wide, and today, we decode just how he does it all!

The Unstoppables: “Success Without a Safety Net” with Jeremy Callahan

Jeremy’s career began when he taught himself programming in 1998 during the Dot.com-era. Since then, he has worked on globally recognized brands, startups, gaming sites, small businesses and everything in-between.

He loves to give back, and in his free time he launched a video teaching program where he teaches non-programmers how to turn their idea into a published App in iTunes & Google Play.

06: Growing Your Online Presence with Jennifer Allwood

To app or not to app? That is the question. Bringing you strategies and essential tips for the significance of apps and connecting you to people who have achieved success. This week I’m sitting with Jennifer Allwood. Business coach and creator of themagicbrushinc.com, Jennifer teaches artists and creators how to grow their online business and make multiple sources of income.