17: Multiple Sources of Income with Apps

This episode features 5 concrete strategies for you to generate income with an app — even if you have zero coding or app development experience and regardless of the line of business you are in. Let’s start generating revenue!

In this Podcast I give five proven strategies of how you can use Apps to generate multiple sources of income? (MSI). People are always looking for ways generate passive income by leveraging their existing skills or turning an idea into an App. Apps are the perfect vehicle for MSI’s. With as little as $100 you can buy existing Apps on Flippa. With $500 you can hire an offshore team to develop your idea into an App. These low cost entry points give you the power to test your assumptions about Apps in the real world. In this episode I give you five ideas on how Apps are your way to multiple sources of income.

14: 4 Ways to Make Your App Go Viral

I guarantee your App will be successful if you follow these four steps to make your App go viral. You definitely don’t want to miss this one! I will cover the holy grail of how Apps get ranked in iTunes and Google Play and dive into how to create sharing mechanisms so that you get free installs and press.

12: Prototyping: Why it’s the Most Important Step in App Development

Prototyping is taking an idea you have and figuring out how to put it in front of someone to test and it’s the first step in app development. Today I teach you the techniques to create your own prototype – from the customer to the design to user experience and everything in between.

11: How to Define a Market

Today I’m giving you tools and tips that you can use right now to define if there’s a market — this way you can define your market before you go out and design your product.

Everyone has an idea that is going to be the “next big thing”. Millions of people are going to love and buy it… Oh Really? I hear great ideas all the time but that doesn’t mean there is a market for that product.

In this weeks podcast I teach you how to determine if there is in fact a market for you product by using social hacks and advertising that you can use before you begin building.

Here is the link to my estimates page I reference in the video: http://www.jeremycallahan.com/estimates/

And Calendly: https://calendly.com/

10: Going Mobile – How to expand your existing skills to adapt to a mobile world

This episode is for everyone: developers, business owners, QA professionals, project managers, and anyone looking to advance their mobile skills We’re talking about how to expand your existing skills to adapt to a mobile world.

09: Mobile Growth with Branch.io Co-Founder Mara Seghete

Today we chat with Mara Seghete, co-founder of the mobile growth platform called Branch. She shares her entrepreneurial journey and provides solutions to help you unify user measurement across different devices, platforms, and channels.

08: You Need a Mobile Strategy for the Next 5 Years

Over 65% of your traffic is mobile — you NEED a 5-year mobile strategy. Take action TODAY. In this episode, I explain why you need to and how you can get your 5-year strategy started.

Recently, Facebook changed their algorithm and businesses saw their traffic decrease by 70% In this podcast I challenge you to ask yourself “What will your business look like in 2023?” How will mobile change your industry? Most companies are so worried about the next quarter that they cannot even begin to imagine 5 years out I love this quote: “Most people grossly overestimate what they can accomplish in one year and always underestimate what can be done in 5 years.” Your five year plan needs to address how: The Disrupted will become the disruptors How completely new industries will be formed And finally, How to assess and get out of your current technical debt Finally I give you actionable takeaways on how you need to regularly take time out to visioneer what your company and life will be like in 5 years

07: Interview with Steve Young

Today I’m bringing you Steve Young.  The creator of App Masters, and a strategically innovative entrepreneur. From Podcasts to Youtube videos, and Online Course, he collaborates with experts in the App industry. His success spans far and wide, and today, we decode just how he does it all!

06: Growing Your Online Presence with Jennifer Allwood

To app or not to app? That is the question. Bringing you strategies and essential tips for the significance of apps and connecting you to people who have achieved success. This week I’m sitting with Jennifer Allwood. Business coach and creator of themagicbrushinc.com, Jennifer teaches artists and creators how to grow their online business and make multiple sources of income.

03: Five Ways To Monetize Mobile Apps

The first thing about any mobile app project is that it has to make money. If there’s no way to make money out of it, it isn’t worth your time. So you have an app. Whats next? In this episode, I share my top tips that you can use today to help your app ideas generate money.

02: How Do You Know If You Need An App

How do you know if you need an app? Can you generate more sales? Can you reduce your costs? Can you reduce your manpower?  Those are the big three. If your idea matches up with those 3 – you need an app! Today I discuss some simple ways to help you decide whether or not turning your idea into an app will help your business.

01: You Need An App To Take Your Business To The Next Level

You need an app! Your business can not grow and scale without one. Apps aren’t luxury items – they can be utilized by almost any business. Tune in to hear how apps can lower costs, grow your business, and increase outreach. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level then you need an app.