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08: You Need a Mobile Strategy for the Next 5 Years

Over 65% of your traffic is mobile — you NEED a 5-year mobile strategy. Take action TODAY. In this episode, I explain why you need to and how you can get your 5-year strategy started.

Recently, Facebook changed their algorithm and businesses saw their traffic decrease by 70% In this podcast I challenge you to ask yourself “What will your business look like in 2023?” How will mobile change your industry? Most companies are so worried about the next quarter that they cannot even begin to imagine 5 years out I love this quote: “Most people grossly overestimate what they can accomplish in one year and always underestimate what can be done in 5 years.” Your five year plan needs to address how: The Disrupted will become the disruptors How completely new industries will be formed And finally, How to assess and get out of your current technical debt Finally I give you actionable takeaways on how you need to regularly take time out to visioneer what your company and life will be like in 5 years