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Jeremy Callahan

Jeremy Callahan's career began when he self taught himself web programming in 1998 during the Since then he has worked on globally recognized brands, startups, gaming sites, small businesses and everything in-between. His most notable career accomplishments include founding and programming a lead management company. He designed and programmed a CRM platform that processed over 250,000 incoming and outgoing leads per month. In 2011 he programmed his first mobile App (Ball Park Waiter) and has been programming Apps ever since. He now leads mobile development teams to build Apps for American Express, Universal Orlando and many other clients. In 2014 he came up with an idea while using Tinder. He imagined that the Swiping interface would be perfect for mobile commerce. In December of 2014 he programmed and launched Shoe Swipe to test his assumptions about Swiping. Shoe Swipe was a huge success. He programmed Shoe Swipe to be a white-labeled App so that existing e-commerce websites could easily add their products and have an App for iOS and Android phones. In 2015 he co-founded Flip Shop Marketing and executed his plan of delivering mobile commerce Apps to clients on the platform. In addition to programming he is an expert in mobile commerce and user experience. He doesn't just follow the news and trends; he creates it by regularly blogging about trends in mobile commerce, user experience and App development. He also loves to motivate people with inspirational post about personal development. You can find his blogs on Flip Shop Marketing as well as his personal site He loves to give back and in his free time he launched a 4 part video teaching program where he teaches non-programmers how to turn their idea into a published App in iTunes & Google Play. He covers the entire process from idea, to planning, to hiring developers, to testing, launch, marketing and ASO (App Store Optimization). He offers these videos for free online and teaches courses at General Assembly in San Francisco. He attended Golden Gate University and received a Master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. He has expert level knowledge of front and backend programming languages, databases and system architecture.