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10 Things That Require Zero Talent

Jeremy Callahan - 10 Things That Require Zero TalentHere is a list of 10 things that if you consistently do you will be successful in any endeavor that you enter. The best use of this list is to take 10 minutes of self-introspection and assess how you measure up to each item. Score yourself 1-5 on each item. The great news is you can change everything on this list instantly.


  1. Show Up On Time – Weather you are going to a job every day or starting your own business you must always be on time. If you have conference calls don’t be that guy that always calls in 5 minutes late.
  1. Work Ethic – It doesn’t matter if you like your job or not… have some pride and self-discipline. If you do not work hard everyone will see you as a looser in life.
  1. Effort – Talent never works hard! Your skills might be lacking but that is no excuse for not putting out maximum effort. Study more, ask for help, find a mentor.
  1. Body Language – How do you walk and talk when you have a full bank account? What about when you account is empty. I don’t which state you are in right now. But at all times walk and talk like you have a million dollars in your account. Fake it till you make it!
  1. Energy – Energy is your best friend and it should be with you at all times. You need to make sure everyone you come into contact with senses your energy and describes you as a high energy person.
  1. Attitude – These are contagious and you better have a positive one at all times. In fact this is the most important item of this list. And you stop dealing with people with bad attitudes and following negative news and television. Trust me its all bringing you down. Do you watch the news? On the news the economy is bad and jobs are scarce. My economy is perfect and all I see is opportunity everywhere I look.
  1. Passion – I don’t care what you are passionate about but you better have passion for something. To be healthy and fulfilled in life you need passion for your family, success, friends, career, hobbies, etc.
  1. Be Coachable – Everyone loves being told what to do right? Of course not but you sure as hell better be able to identify people who can help you and then most importantly follow their advice. I was helping someone recently who asked for advice and they were not listening so I stopped giving them advice. Do not be a knucklehead… If you ask someone for advice, follow it. There was a reason you identified and asked that person what you should do.
  1. Doing Extra – Go the extra mile in everything that you do! If you cut corners and make excuses people will not take you seriously. If you finish your work early, help others or look for ways to add value.
  1. Be Prepared – As my Algebra teacher taught me the 6 P’s in 10th grade: Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Have an Excellent Day!

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Jeremy Callahan is a Mobile Commerce Expert, App Developer and Founder at Flip Shop Marketing