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Everyday is a Friday and I’m Always on Vacation!

I have a great saying that is great to live by. “In my world everyday is a Friday and I’m always on Vacation!”
Jeremy Callahan - Vacation
I’ve had this saying for years. I am very grateful everyday that I get to live in San Francisco and see the Golden Gate Bridge the minute I walk outside my apartment. Living in SF literally feels like a vacation because everywhere you look people are enjoying the city from all over the world. And I am enjoying it too.

Tomorrow I am going on a family vacation to a tropical island and all week I have been mentally checked out from anything trivial at work. And I’ve found that when I’m in this mindset, everything is trivial.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Act as if”. Act as if you are the king of the world. Act as if you have a million dollars in your bank account. Act as if you are the owner of the company you work for. And of course… Act as if today is Friday and you are on vacation.

Think about how you feel when you leave work on Friday knowing that you are going on vacation. Are you worried about sending that email or giving a status report? Nope! You could care less about work, your boss or anything else that is causing you stress. In fact, you have cared less and less about most things all week leading up to Friday.

And once you are actually in a car, on a plane and finally at the beach your mind is 100% in a different state of mind. What if you could live in that state of mind everyday?

Here are some tips to get into that state of mind…

  • Be Grateful: I challenge you right now to take the next 6 minutes and make a list of everything you are grateful for. Your house, family, lunch, phone, love… You live in the greatest time in the history of the world. Be grateful!
  • Stop Watching or Reading Any News: With the election and all the other bullshit stories your mind is going to be in a negative state. Negative thoughts are like weeds in your mind. You need to guard your thoughts and a sure fire way to do this is to make sure what is coming in is positive.
  • Get on Island Time: What are you in a rush about? Trust me when I tell you that you are going to get everything done today that you need to get done. And if you don’t “No Problem Mon” you can do it tomorrow.
  • Screw Email: The only reason you need to reply to an email is to “cover your ass”. Over 50% of email is useless. How do I know this… well how many emails do you respond to on vacation? That is the number you should reply to when you are working.
  • Go Out to Lunch with Co-workers: You are not too busy to go out for a nice lunch with your co-workers. I know it will feel strange that you aren’t grinding away answering emails. But it will feel less strange if you go with co-workers because technically you could say you are “working”.

I realize that you are most likely not on vacation right now. You are likely not having a vacation anytime soon and stressed about paying your bills and getting by. But I promise you that you have a great life. There is no reason you should feel better on a Friday than you do on a Tuesday! Think about how dumb it is that people feel differently based on the day of the week. If we are lucky we will live to be 90 years old. That isn’t a lot of time to let the day of the week determine how you fell.

So change your mind right now that “Everyday is a Friday and you are always on vacation”!

Have an Excellent Day!

Jeremy Callahan The App Man

Twitter: @jeremycallahan

Jeremy Callahan is a Mobile Commerce Expert, App Developer and Founder at Flip Shop Marketing