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How Fake News is Making You a Failure!

Fake News

First, let me break down my definition of Fake News. Then I’m going to point out all the reasons it’s making you a failure.

News is no longer news, its opinion based on how groups of people think. Face it, CNN, FOX, MSNBC are all pushing an agenda. And you either agree with that agenda or you do not. Before I even read an article or turn on the television I can tell you based on the source what their spin will be. The New York Times has an agenda and based on that agenda they create headlines and find reporting that backs that agenda.

My favorite fake news stories are when they quote an “unnamed source” or take a 20-minute interview and cherry pick sentences to back that agenda. Reporting pure facts without opinion accounts for about 3% of what people nowadays consider “News”.

And honestly, you are being taken advantage of. Look at your Facebook feed. How many of the “News” stories are merely click bait? Headlines are created to stir up emotion inside you so that you re-post things that in all honesty make you look like you believe in conspiracy theories.

Here are some reasons why the news can make you a failure.

It cuts into your production

I had a conversation with my developer the other day at the water cooler. BTW, this guy is behind on his development tasks. He starts talking about a few stories he read that day. The entire time he’s into his rap, I’m thinking… I’m paying this guy good money to program and he’s dicking around reading fake news instead of making his deliverables! I confronted him with this fact and he retorted with “I read it on the bus”. I told him the reason he’s behind is because he’s wasting time instead of programming.

It distracts you from goals (if you have any)

The main point here is “If you have any”. Do you have goals? Are they big goals that you are so excited about that you don’t have time for anything else? If you are reading the news, Facebook or watching TV you are not serious about achievement. Sorry, but its really that simple.

Note, if you post business related stuff on Facebook to promote yourself that’s a legitimate reason. But don’t get caught in the vortex of BS and Fake News.

Its as bad of a habit as smoking or overeating

You don’t need me to tell you that you are wasting time everyday on something that doesn’t serve you. Not to mention adding unneeded stress to your life. I know for a fact that if you have been watching the news the past year your heart rate gets elevated and its likely affecting your sleeping and personal relationships.

Choosing a side is bad for business

If you or the company you work for endorses a right or left candidate then you are cutting your potential customer base in half. I read a great letter from the CEO of IBM about a recent meeting she had with the president. Her stance is that they have been working with the government since the company was founded to make the world a better place. They have never endorsed a candidate and never will. In short, working with people leads to success in business and choosing a side is suicide.

You are waiting for things to happen instead of making things happen

If you are reading the news you are a follower. You are waiting for the next big scandal to hit. Have you ever noticed the panels they have on news shows? The experts are pontificating on what they think is happening based on incomplete facts.

If you want to be an expert in your career then I’d suggest that you start making the news instead of reading it. If you are in marketing for instance, start creating content that other marketing people would benefit from. Leadership requires that you pass along and teach others thoughtful and relevant information.

To sum it all up, the news is holding you back from having better relationships, increased business success and being a positive healthy person. Read a book, get a new hobby, work harder at your job, and spend time with your kids! Everyone says “The News is so negative”… So why are you participating?

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