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Find A Way!

I wanted to post about a great saying “Find A Way”. I’ll never forget how I first heard this saying… It was 1990 and I came back to schoolJeremy Callahan - Find A Way from Christmas break and I see the whole baseball team walking around with these stupid shirts that said “Find A Way” on them.

I had no idea what the hell was going on so I asked and the response was “Find A Way to win”. I was impressed! Think about it for a minute… This saying has no room for excuses; it’s a one-way ticket. No matter how big the problem is or what forces you are up against you can either retreat or Find A Way to Win!

Jeremy Callahan - Find A Way

Coach Gary Dreher

The brainchild behind this saying was Gary Dreher our high school baseball coach who was hell of a guy. I didn’t play baseball but he loved me because I worked at the Valley Hi Country Club and used to let him play golf in the afternoon after all the members had left.

I’m not sure how coach came up with this idea but it was genius! If you are down 2 -0 in the last inning… “Find A Way”. When I was failing his Algebra course “Find A Way Callahan” is what he said. I found a way alright… Free Golf!  That year the team went on to be ranked #1 in the state of California. And I’ll bet that every guy on that team still lives by that saying!

Years later when I was coaching my daughter’s soccer team that wasn’t so great I adopted the saying! The girls totally bought in and we went on to win the championship. In fact years later when I was telling her friend Samantha about something that wasn’t going my way she fired back “Find A Way Jeremy”. Bam… I was right back to being focused!

So today I’m giving back. I’m putting it out there to help motivate you. No matter how big the problem is or what forces you are up against stop making excuses.

Let me give you a brief summary of how the human mind operates. In short it wants to do the easiest, most un-painful things. For instance, deep in your mind you believe it is less painful to overeat than it is to diet. Because going on a diet is painful and causes you discomfort. But don’t be fooled… You are going to feel like shit for over eating.

The problem is that in your mind you equate more pain to dieting than felling bad inside. That’s because your brain (subconscious to be exact) is programmed to take the easy way out. You may not have a dieting issue but whatever issues you have it’s the same principals that are holding you back.

In everything you’ve accomplished in your life the starting point was you found a way to make a decision to change. So today, right now, I challenge you to “Find A Way” to get past whatever is holding you back!

Be Excellent!

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