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How to Answer “How Are You Doing Today?”

It’s a common question we all hear at least 5 times a day. Whether you are at a restaurant, calling the cable company, or seeing a co-worker. “How are you doing” is a common question.

The truth is that the person asking really doesn’t care as much as they are just starting a conversation. So I will ask you a better question. How do you want the person asking the question to perceive you and how do you really feel about yourself.

Jeremy Callahan - How are you today?

How are you today?

My advice is for the next week when you get asked “how are you today” your response should be either “Excellent” or “Incredible”. I do not care how you actually feel just say those words automatically and see how your whole situation changes.

First, I know you likely do not feel excellent. In fact when you are asked this question you probably say: Ok or good as a programmed reaction. But Ok and good are horrible messages to send to other people. Answering, “Ok” is like telling me thing are not going my way but the glass is half full. Good is actually worse because you are just blowing by the question to get to what you really want. Which in most cases we come across as we are only there for ourselves.

Answering, “Excellent” is a conversation game changer. It sends an immediate message to the person who asked that you have energy and confidence. You will get reactions like “that is great to hear” and you will notice that the persons body language will also change because you gave them a boost of energy.

Try this as a social experiment. Today when you get asked I want you to reply with “Good, how are you” and 9-10 the person you ask will mirror your response with a “Good, thanks for asking”. Now tomorrow I want you to say “Excellent, how are you”. The difference in responses and reactions will very different and conversation will be much easier.

The second benefit to using this response is it will also 100% change whatever mood you are currently in. I find it almost impossible to say “Excellent” in a monotone, bored or tired way. It is literally a word that snaps you into a different mindset.

You have heard the saying “fake it until you make it” well the same thing applies here.   Training yourself to respond with excellent, incredible, amazing, awesome is programming your sub-conscience mind to be and feel that way. It’s a very simple way to program you mind with successful thoughts.

Look at advertising… they don’t use works like good and Ok. They use power words like awesome, amazing, etc. You are marketing yourself every minute of every day to the world. Do you want to be good or excellent?

Try it today! And have an incredible day!

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