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How to increase sales to your business with video marketing — To App Or Not To App – Episode 016

Posting video content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and your website will 100% lead you to increased sales and leads. When people search for you on the Internet, what comes up? Your potential customers want to know who is behind the company. They do not care about explainer videos or your “About Us” page. It’s 2018 and its time for you to embrace the true power of social media and start posting videos about who you are and what you do.

First, let me be blunt. No one knows who you are or what you do. Even your closest friends and family have no idea what you do for work. They know you have kids, a dog and love yoga because you post that constantly. But what expertise do you have professionally? Its great to be known for yoga but that doesn’t pay the bills.

Show me your expertise and what you do for work. If you are an employee this will help you get a better job. Imagine if you post videos about projects you worked on onto your LinkedIn profile. Imagine if when you interview the HR person types your name into Google and sees videos of you talking about how you contributed to a project. Do you think that would make you stand out from other candidates? You are dam right it would and you’d 100% stand out from everyone else.

Do you own a business and need more revenue and leads? Post a video showing you in action or better yet, give me free advice. Ever since I started posting videos on Facebook I have gotten new clients and closing deals is much easier now. Why? because people see that I am the kind of guy they want to do business with. I’m a real person… know one reads my “About Jeremy” section on my website (Yawn).

And these do not need to be produced. You have a camera in your hand… Think of a topic, turn your phone around, press record. You talking in front of a camera about something interesting. Its that simple! That is all you have to do.

Want to know a secret about me? I was afraid just like you to put up videos of myself. And all I can say is that I wish I had overcame my fear two years ago because when I finally did start posting my business exploded. So stop making excuses and being afraid. Your videos will suck… but its like anything else, you WILL get better.

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