A Day In The Life of The AppMan

Journey with me from when I awake, go to work, have an panic attack, code Apps and show you what a day in my life looks like. I always post filtered photos and videos on the Internet but today I show you what my life is really like from start to finish. It just so happens that I had a full anxiety attack mid-day and decided to post it so you can see that I have struggles just like everyone else.

The Very First App I Ever Created & Developed

This is the story of how I thought of and App idea and then learned to program Apps in 2011. The App is called Ball Park Waiter and it allows you to order food and drinks at sporting events and have it delivered to you seat. The App was built but we were never able to convince a stadium or arena to let us use their F&B. To this day (May 2017) no stadium has this even though the idea is 7 years old now