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Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Jeremy Callahan

What is holding you back?

I’m going to quit smoking, I’m going to loose some weight, I’m going to start exercising… WHATEVER it is… Let this saying sink in for a moment. I love this saying. I first heard it from my friend Chris Messenger.

It’s too easy to say that the source of your “tomorrow” item is procrastination. It’s very likely your source is DECISION. Think about it, anytime you are unmotivated, depressed or lazy, 9 out of 10 times it is because you haven’t made a decision to commit to do something.

Take for instance “Tomorrow I’m going to start dieting”. What decision have you really made? I’d hate to break it to you but your decision is weak. Tomorrow… are you kidding me? A decision is right now and instant.

You see, a strong decision leads to strong action. Tomorrow isn’t a strong decision… RIGHT NOW is a strong decision and commitment. So what are you willing to commit to right now, TODAY?

And I want you to stop lying to yourself that tomorrow you will actually commit and start whatever it is you are stalling on. You aren’t going to do shit and you know it! You are going to make the same old bullshit excuses and get no closer to something that would make you a better person and improve your life. Because tomorrow you are going to say “I’ll do that tomorrow”.

Which is why I love the saying “Yesterday you said tomorrow”. I’m 100% sure everyone around me hates hearing that statement out of my mouth. But if someone says “tomorrow” to me the next thing out of my mouth is “Yesterday you said tomorrow”.

Look you and everyone else on the planet has the same amount of time in a day, week and a year. Have you ever wondered why some people get more done in that timespan then others? It’s actually a simple answer… Productive people make a decision to get shit done! They make decisions quickly and they rarely change those decision.

Another aspect of people that get more done than others is that they have no problem doing things that they hate doing. Nobody likes making cold calls, dieting, going to bed early, etc. But successful people have developed an inner strength to do things that others are not willing to do on a regular basis. And therefore they reach greater levels of success.

If you want to change your career then make a decision that you are committed to that and do not give in when things get tough. If you get to the gym and don’t feel like being there then that is a trigger that you should work out harder than you normally do.
But whatever you do, do not say “tomorrow”. Everything starts with a decision. So I am asking you to make one right now to being better than you were yesterday.

Have an Excellent Day!

Jeremy Callahan The App Man

Twitter: @jeremycallahan

Jeremy Callahan is a Mobile Commerce Expert, App Developer and Founder at Flip Shop Marketing